Web Server Administration: Maintaining a Web Server Effectively

Web administration is definitely one of the most important aspects of web development and a web server administration helps to administrate the web. This certainly is not the job of a web designer or a developer, but a web administrator does this job. But, if you don't have a good and experienced web administrator for keeping your website running then you won't have a successful website in the end. This simply means that you must hire a web administrator to keep your website running!

The services that the web server administrator offer:

A server administrator has the overall control of the web server. This is usually in the context of the business organization, where the server administrator maintains the performance and condition of multiple servers under the business organization. His main role is to design, administer, and optimize the servers and other related components to achieve higher performance of the servers. Some of the other services of an administrator are:

  • User accounts: The web administrator provides the accounts to the users on the system and this is only the tiniest part of what the web server administration entails.
  • Web security: To keep the web secured from harmful attacks and threats is probably the most important part of any web server administration. If the server is not secure then the hackers will take advantage of it.
  • Web servers: It’s the job of the web administrator to keep all the servers running properly and smoothly. He needs to keep the servers up-to-date by installing the latest patches.
  • Web software: The administrator has to install and maintain all the required software including active server pages, CGI, PHP, JSP, and Databases to keep the website running.
  • Log analysis: The administrator analyzes the important log files of the server to find out ways to improve the website. He makes sure that the Weblogs are rotated otherwise they will occupy all the space on the server.

If you don't have the server then you don't have the page! So, you need proper web server administration to keep the server up and running in order to keep your website running.