If you are a web host who has windows or Linux dedicated servers and provide shared hosting and reseller hosting to your customers. Welcome to our "Shared Plan" where we on your behalf provide your customers with 24/7 help desk support, live chat support. As the word wide web is expanding rapidly security issues are getting doubled up and is proving to be major area of concern for all web hosts. We would tackle the security aspects for you as well and ensure that the server is shielded from any unwanted intruders and malicious scripts.

There is a limit of 1000 domains per server with our shared plan.

You as a web hosting company can provide your customers with 24/7 help desk support, live chat support and your servers management is our responsibility as we do optimize the server so that the website which are hosted on the windows or Linux dedicated servers loads quickly at the same time we do take care of basic security issues which arises on the server and prevent them.

Server reboots and service restart is done by the technicians manually as we do monitor your server ports that too 24x7 and take care that the website does not go down. Since speed is the need of the day we would keep a constant vigil on the sever loads and ensure the sites load fast on a consistent basis. In today's cut throat competition where a single down time can affect business disproportionately we would ensure that the servers are up 24x7.

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