Our server management plan is designed for web designers having their own dedicated servers or virtual private servers, for web server providers who sell managed dedicated servers and web hosting companies who need to concentrate on sales and grow their web hosting business rather than doing web server tasks which can be outsourced and having affordable and cheap server management services with the finest quality.

With having an outsourcing technical support company to take care of your server management you leave those hassles to us and can fully concentrate on your web host business growth. You can directly contact a server administrator on instant messengers – we know how important your business is and so we don’t want you to push you on submitting tickets in emergencies.

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24/7 server management

Our server managers (system administrator) always are here to assist you with any issues that you have on your dedicated or VPS servers having linux or windows operating system.

24/7 technical support

As your web hosting business demands this; we provide it and you get 24x7 outsourcing technical support services directly from our system administrators.

24/7 server monitoring

Your dedicated servers and VPS uptime is what client’s demand, as their hosted site is your business and for which you’ve to take special care of this – in other words we would say “Do not compromise on this”. We monitor your server ports like Apache, DNS, FTP, SMTP, POP etc…

Fix failed services

As the servers are already monitored, for any of the failed services our system administrator fixes it immediately so the web sites are always up and working.

System Administrator Tasks

We update/upgrade cPanel, Kernel, Apache, Mysql, Perl, Exim, and more… on your servers whether it’s a dedicated server, shared / reseller server or a VPS.

Third Party Software Installations/Upgrades Supported

We support all the third party software that cPanel supports, few are Fantastico, Zend Optimizer, ionCube, GD, Curl, Perl modules, and more…

Server Management Features

  • SIM (System Integrity Monitor)
  • SPRI (System Priority)
  • PRM (Process resource monitor)
  • CSF (Firewall)
  • BFD (Brute force detector)
  • LES (Linux environment security)
  • PHP hardening
  • /tmp and /var/tmp hardening
  • /dev/shm and /proc hardening
  • Apache optimization
  • MySQL optimization
  • CHKRootkit
  • RootKit hunter
  • Host.conf hardening
  • Sysctl.conf hardening
  • Remove unnecessary/unused software
  • Root login alert
  • Mod_security
  • Mod_Evasive