In the web business, having a speedy and reliable server is paramount to success. You need to provide the most amazing web services to your customers, and for that, you need strong and fast servers. Server uptime is one more factor that determines the success of a provider. One question to ponder is, what is the use of having state of the art web servers, if the administration is not up to scratch? Hence, server administrators have a huge task on their hands of squeezing the most
possible performance from both hardware and software, while ironing out all problems in the system and keeping it running up to the mark. Web server administrators need to be proactive and take quick decisions in case of any unexpected failures or downtime. They must also have recovery plans in place to minimize damage from negative events.

So, what all does a web server administrator need to do? Let us discuss.

  • The routine procedures, perfectly and on time.

Providing access to software and services, keeping track of server usage, making sure that the working environment is safe from failure- these are the most routine jobs expected from a server administrator. Day after day, server administrators should perform all these routine tasks to ensure the servers are in perfect working condition. Also, keeping an eye on security and data backup is to be expected from a web server administrator.

  • Server monitoring

An in-depth and efficient server monitoring system must be in place, and the server administrator must make full use of it. Keeping a close eye on disk usage, server load, network usage and other parameters is needed to monitor a system efficiently, and prevent any impending failures or network crashes.

  • Connectivity procedures

Even if the hardware is in perfect working condition, if it can’t communicate among the devices, then there is no use for the servers. The web service administration needs to make sure that the network is secure and connected properly to all important server hardware installed. IP routing, firewall protection, authorization and other common tasks should be carried out by server administrators on a regular basis.

  • Dealing with typical issues

Even after much prevention, there are a few glitches or issues that can creep into the servers. Administrators must be on hand whenever a concern arises, and should be well versed to take necessary action to bring server operations back to normal. Data recovery, backup, load imbalance, server optimization and mail server setups are the routine tasks and issues that administrators can expect to face during their work.

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