In the sales staff plan, we provide you a dedicated sales person who will take care of your sales requests and all, he/she will work with you and study about your web hosting packages and will convert your visitor to a customer. This sales person will take care of the sales help desk as well as sales live chat support.

You would definitely agree that delivering maximum impact at the first instance would have an everlasting effect. With our sales plan we provide you with a dedicated sales tech who will answer all the pre-sales questions as well as other queries pertaining to the sales platform efficiently which would rake in the maximum customers for you. Following up with a potential customer is of profound importance we would ensure that our techs do these follow ups religiously which should be the stepping stone for building a long trustful relationship. The mode of communication which if not decisive can certainly not be ignored would always be pleasant and efficient marketing skills by our trainees techs would entice the potential customer to give a serious thought.

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