Our support center is based in India. In addition, over 50% of our staff has individual Red Hat, Cisco and Microsoft certifications. While certifications are no guarantee of quality, it is an independent global method of quantifying skills levels. In addition, our staff has significant experience with customers in the global market.


The cost entirely depends on the plan which you’re interested. In per staff, per server rates, you eliminate all the traditional costs associated with employment such as office space, hardware, software licensing, insurance, liability etc.


Whether you need just a single technician for a 1 month support or a full support team as part of an Offshore Center (OC) on a regular basis, we are the right fit for you. We take the team to understand your specific needs and then match the correct resources. In addition, we monitor the team on a regular basis and manage any growth or staff updates and changes you may require.


Our model is simple -- we assign the staff per your requirements and give you full access for direct communications and total control over their tasks and priorities. They operate simply as part of your team for the duration of the engagement.


Our support center is located in India. We will work with you on all business aspects and manage your entire business offshore. Our staff in India will directly work with you to ensure optimum work and maximum output.

Risk Mitigation

We mitigate the risk from your offshoring experience by doing the following:
1. Ensuring we have professional technicians as part of our center.
2. The technicians are our employees and part of our center as opposed to the lowest bidder.
3. We help you grow staff, replace existing or even escalate issues as needed to ensure results.