There are businesses all over the world which utilize Linux servers for their work. It comes as no surprise, as Linux is one of the leading platforms for servers, due to its performance under all conditions. Concentration on running businesses, sometimes, can lead to servers being ignored, and subsequent downtime and/or loss of crucial business. If you are someone with server speed and performance as critical to your business, are afraid to lose business to downtime of your servers, and
are having increased difficulty in managing large forum setups online, then getting a Linux server administrator might just be the thing you need.

A Linux server administrator can do wonders for your business. If you utilize Linux servers, worry frequently about traffic on them, are facing issues with them and are also worried about security, then Linux server administration is the way to go. With our experience and knowledge in comprehensive and competitive server administration, we are sure to provide you your money is worth, if you choose us. Our Linux administration services are customized enough to help with client’s special needs, and flexible enough to fit the bill for large organizations and businesses.

Attention to detail, long-term trustworthy relations with existing customers and experience in this sector makes us an obvious choice if you are looking for Linux server administration services.

Typical jobs of a Linux server administrator include:

  • Installation and implementation of admin tools

This commonly includes installing of control panels and administration through them. Other command line utilities for SSH administration, with custom rulesets as decided by the user or the company, are all included as part of this step.

  • Server setup and maintenance

Setting up the Apache web servers, the website, performance tuning and installing certificates comes under this part. It also includes setting up file transfer servers, mailing servers and protocols, such as the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. Database servers such as the mysql server packages, and client packages are also installed and managed by the Linux server administration.

  • Networking and monitoring

Installation and setup of networking hardware and software is another important job of a Linux server administrator. Securing the network using firewalls, port forwarding and redirection, and monitoring of network and system statistics are also important jobs. This helps the administration to recognise an area of potential fault or a bottleneck in the network, and get rid of it.

As explained, the importance of a Linux server administrator cannot be undermined when it comes to managing businesses reliant on Linux servers. We provide some of the best administrationservices, and are bound to give you the bang for your buck.