Though human brain is considered to be good at multitasking research has proven it is best utilised when focussed on a single job. So if you need someone working dedicatedly for you then you won't need to look beyond our "Dedicated Staff Plan" wherein we would provide you with a dedicated tech stationed at our office. This dedicated tech will just work for your company. You can personally have an interaction with him via IM. These technicians work on help desk as well as live chat support.

Level 1 dedicated staff

The level 1 dedicated server technician has a minimal experience of 12 months of web hosting industry and they mostly cover basic technical issues, pre-sales queries and guide the client about your company policies in addition they do answer general web hosting questions that arise day-to-day. We do not require control panel access for this, clients control panel access is need so that we can take care of issues related to common problems. Complex issues are forwarded to your level 2 support staff members.

Level 2 dedicated staff

The level 2 dedicated server technician is one step above the level 1 support technician; we do require control panel logins so that we can work on issues which are not covered by the level 1 staff member. Adding domains on the web server, add-on domain, park a domain, solving issues related to DNS, all sort of complex email issues, databases issues, Reseller problems, quota issues and many more…

Level 3 dedicated staff

The level 3 dedicated server technician is a very much experienced system administrator. The dedicated technician is responsible to manage the whole server and fix any issues that arise on the server; this dedicated technician is pro-active and prevents things from happening on a web server. Any third party software can be installed by him/her if required.

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