Hosting a website has never been an easy job. Administrators, resellers, website owners; all must work together to maintain the flow and cleanliness of a website like it’s meant to be. Fortunately, that job is made a lot easier with cPanel, the Linux-based web hosting software control panel. Designed to function both as a dedicated and a virtual private server, cPanel offers graphical interfaces and tools which have been specially curated to make the process of hosting a website
easy and convenient. The three tiered structure of cPanel provides specialized functions for end users, resellers and administrators, to control the website through a browser such as Chrome.

Application based cPanel support includes Apache, MySQL, PHP and Perl, whereas email based support includes SMTP, POP3 and IMAP services. On the flip side, cPanel doesn’t come without its fair share of tricks. Once installed on a server, removing cPanel is extremely difficult, and involves reformatting the server in most cases. It should also be installed only on a freshly installed OS with no or minimal prior setup. Therefore, providing support for cPanel becomes extremely important for all kinds of business and website owners relying on cPanel.

Providing cPanel support is something that we excel at. Be it over the phone, on chat or via email, our expert team of cPanel technicians is bound to solve all your problems satisfactorily, with minimum fuss. Support for web hosting providers includes end user tech support, i.e. help desk assistance, live chat or phone support, and server maintenance by experienced admins. For small business owners, on demand server and website support to help fix issues and glitches, to maintain
the server and carry out routine tasks, and other software development support is offered. To minimize server complaints, they are audited regularly to iron out any problems or bugs that might sneak into the hardware and software.

Our cPanel support service excels at the following points-

  • Ensuring safety and security. With the ever-upgrading standards of safety and security, our cPanel support services ensure that your server never bows down to the will of hackers and people with malicious intent. Also, in case of an eventual hack or attack, a great backup and recovery plan ensures that you are back on track without skipping a beat.
  • Reporting. Our cPanel support team includes overall reports of upgrades performed, queries resolved and issues handled. These performance indicators can further help you to add that edge to your website or system in order to blast the competition.
  • Experience. Our cPanel support staff have tons of hands-on experience with all cPanel interfaces, and are bound to solve all problems that you may encounter. Customer satisfaction is a priority.

If you are looking for a one-stop shop to fulfil all your cPanel support needs, look no further!