Downgrade MySQL 5 to MySQL 4.1 on cPanel dedicated server

For some reason you need to downgrade MySQL 5 to MySQL 4.1 to achieve this you will have to do the following:

To check the which all mysql rpm’s are available use the command:

rpm -qa | grep -i mysql-

First of all take a backup of /var/lib/mysql, and also ask the other users to keep a backup it with them. This can also be a .sql file. The command to take a backup is:

cp /var/lib/mysql /var/lib/mysql.bk

Now, you will have to edit the cPanel config file and make manual changes under this, so edit it with the command:

nano /var/cpanel/cpanel.config

And here, find for the line “mysql-version=5.0” and change it to “mysql-version=4.1

Now, we will forcefully install mysql by the following command:

/scripts/mysqlup --force

You can now check again with the command:

rpm -qa | grep -i mysql-

This is done and worked for me.

Let us know if this has helped you and have any suggestions on this.

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One thought on “Downgrade MySQL 5 to MySQL 4.1 on cPanel dedicated server

  1. Dave

    A couple of notes:

    1) It’s much better to do a mysqldump of your databases than to do a file restore of the databases. This dump can be properly restored into MySQL 4 or 5 (depending on features used) rather than having to totally rebuild MySQL to accommodate the flat file restore.

    2) MySQL 6.0 is in development with 5.1 in RC, 4.1 is likely going to be phased out very soon so rolling back is going to be a very short term solution. There’s probably a better solution to the issue you are having than rolling back to 4.1

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