Top 5 Reasons To Use 24/7 Live Chat For Customer Support

In the age of globalization customers are all over the world. Especially in “Web Hosting Industry” the business head quarters and subsidiaries are spread over around the countries. Live chat is useful for SALES as well as SUPPORT – live chat has a great impact on this!

Live chat is loved by customers

Being in the WEB HOSTING SUPPORT business we have found most of the customers prefer live chat as their first help line towards support. There are various reasons for this, like when web designing organization have a meeting with their customers and have any technical issues – they immediately access the live chat for instant help. The WAIT TIME here is almost in seconds and they don’t need to wait for 15 to 30 minutes for the support team to answer the help desk tickets – all their issues are fixed within few minutes. They just love the live chat and give reviews and rating instantly during the closure of the chat.

Live chat is cost effective

Live chat cut down the expenses as well as the time as the chat representative can handle two to three chats at the same time. The phone expenses as you know are a lot and if you have a TOLL FREE number this is an additional expense for the company. Multitasking on chat definitely help to lower the time spent and at the same time keep the customer satisfied – if we compare to phone support if a phone representative is busy with a customer the other customer who need urgent help would be on hold till the time this phone support representative is busy with the existing customer.

Real time help from live chat agents

Consider you have a potential customer and need help with sign up process – his first resort for help is the live chat support team who are available on a click. Your customer get instant help from you and you get a new customer signup – which is increasing your client base!

Customer trust

Being available for chat is a trust factor for customer. Especially if you provide live chat to your customer round the clock, the customer always know that the company is always available when they need – this trust matters a lot!

Drives sales for business

There are a lot of business websites and every business need sales to happen – having live chat increases conversion in sales. Every sales representative have a sales target for which companies give them some special pricing so it could help them to capture a lead and convert a visitor to customer by offering discounts for a limited period of time or any other sales methods. Live chat helps you to achieve this and the targets for getting new customer is also fulfilled.

The company is happy that they get new signups, the back-end team is happy as most of the level 1 issues are fixed by the front live chat team!

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Migrate Websites from HeartInternet to VPS or Dedicated Server

There have been news around about the Host Europe Group acquisition by Godaddy and now we have seen resellers looking to migrate their HeartInternet Reseller Hosting to their own VPS & Dedicated Servers or to another providers.

We have been working on HeartInternet custom control panel from past 5+ years and know how their HostPay system works. We have done successful website migrations from other providers to HeartInternet and vice-versa.

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24×7 Outsourced Server Management & Web Hosting Tech Support

Web hosting business is growing and providing top notch services to your customers is a priority. As a web hosting company if you fulfill the support demands/requirements of your customers and resolve all their problems at the earliest – that’s the way your customer is going to trust you and will stay with you in a long term! For which you can provide them support using multiple channels like help desk support, live chat support or providing updates about the company using social channels like Facebook, Twitter etc…

Most of the web hosting companies search for an Outsourced Web Hosting Support provider who have certain expertise to take care of their servers by having regular server management services to audit their servers and ensure that they are healthy – which is really a requirement for the business in today’s world. I believe you’re looking for the same? Right.

You must be thinking like what all can be outsourced to such a company? You can outsource the following:

  • Server Management Services
  • Web Hosting Technical Support ( Directly from your helpdesk to your end customers )
  • Server Security
  • Technical Help Desk & Live Chat Support services
  • Pre and Post Sales Support etc…

Remember, this is NOT only the limit the company has. If you already have some add-on services like for example “Website Security” it is still doable – Yes for an extra fees though! You just get all the thing under one roof which is really good for any company.

You may be thinking when do you need to outsource? You can outsourced when you have started your venture or even if you have an established web hosting business.

If you have any queries about outsourcing support services – feel free to ask!

Build Your Brand without SEO

A brand is the most important word in the world of business. People do not look at products or  services, but they see the brand as a whole. Consumers have become very clever when it comes to buying products or getting services rendered for them. A brand in itself is a complete package that comprises of the idea, execution, products & services, quality and support. Branding is a very complex process and needs lot planning to make it work.

First off all, it needs a website to showcase what the business is all about, this means the people involved, time of inception, the products & services, etc. Designing a website also requires lot of thinking and planning, designs, layout, colours, content, etc. A website has to be responsive, i.e. it should be compatible on all mobile devices like Laptops, Smartphone’s, Tablets, etc.

Most of the SMB’s are not aware of SEO services; they may not know what Search Engine Optimization is all about. Small business like retail stores may design a website for their business, but would not want to invest in these services. In this case an inbound marketing strategy would not come in use as well, because that would incorporate aspects like email, newsletters, blogs, articles, press releases, etc.

So how does a brand build its presence in this highly competitive world? Well, one aspect would be the use of outbound marketing to reach consumers by media advertising, face to face meetings, cold calling, etc. Most of the companies still resort to tradition outbound marketing techniques to reach a wider audience in the shortest amount of time.  Outbound marketing techniques are appreciated by an older kind of audience, as they are used to televisions, radios, flyers, commercials, etc.

An outbound marketing campaign needs more investment than inbound techniques, but smaller business would want to use that because it provides a greater impact with a wider audience.  Well, there is another way of building brand presence without heavy investments- social media. Every individual accesses social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, etc. Enterprises can create their own page on social media sites and start posting on them; they could also embed a social media widget or API on their site for users, consumers to access and know more about the products and services.

Last, but not the least, use chat messengers like what’s app to send the link of their website, social media profile or even just pass on the message of a new business inception. These are some ways by which, businesses can build their brand value without using the power of SEO.

Recursively remove/unlink symbolic links from a directory in CentOS 7

If you have ever come across a problem where you have hundreds of symbolic link within a directory and sub-directories, and you don’t need them anymore. You can REMOVE or UNLINK it with a single command.

Use the following command to list all the symbolic links:

find –type l

Once, you’re sure to UNLINK them – use the below command:

find –type l –exec unlink {} \;

I hope it helps you!

Achieve Business Reality with Virtualized technology

Individuals and enterprises are looking at cost-effective solutions for server deployment& management. Virtualization technology is powerful and fits offerings of most of the hosting vendors and clients. Virtual Server Management needs control panels to manage them, this is where cPanel Server Management is one of the most widely used consoles in the Server Industry.

What is Virtualization?
Virtualization technology has been present for decades, the first being effective resource division and sharing to time sharing computing. The present scenario of virtualization includes the use of software’s to partition a physical server into smaller virtual units. Each virtual server acts like a physical server to maximize resources and boost performance.

Data centers have been using virtual servers and virtual server management to reduce server crowding that consumes a lot of power and generates heat. Clients use it as a means to lower web hosting costs and maximizing utilization of resources, and this technology has proved to be a flexible & scalable hosting solution for websites, databases and applications.

Virtual Servers provide enterprises with dedicated memory, disk space, server level operating systems, software, and customization. Processor manufacturers have started designing processor that are capable of supporting virtualization technology, while network experts create virtual servers with smart software’s.

Why Virtualize?
Consolidation of space through virtual server management can conserve space. Network experts can consolidate all the resources for power hungry applications into one server running virtual environments.

Server redundancy can be achieved by virtualization, thus if one server fails to run, another server can take its place on which the application has been hosted, this eliminates downtime and increases availability.

Each virtual server runs its own applications and thus individuals can run software’s without affecting other systems and resources.

If old hardware also called as a legacy system, needs to be replaced with new systems, network administrators can create virtual systems to run applications without any interruptions.

cPanel manages your Virtual Servers
cPanel has been one of the most used control panels for Linux operating systems that include shared, virtual private servers and dedicated servers. cPanel server management can perform each and every task from a single console, be it server setup, hardening, optimizing, hardening, etc.

System administrators use control panels to install new software updates, optimize and secure servers, server migration and monitoring, 3rd party installations, and backup and recover data and lots more.

Virtualization can be deployed for SMB’s and enterprises that need flexibility, scalability & performance for their websites and applications.

Linux Server Management Services

Enhance business continuity & productivity with top-of-the-line Server Management Services

Enterprises depending on digital technology need performance, availability, reliability and security to handle mission-critical data and information, hosted on servers for greater business productivity and continuity.

Infrastructure management by clients, is it a feasible solution?
Holding databases, websites, applications and other information on servers requires a lot of in-house capital, resources and time. Thus, enterprises would require dedicated IT expertise to handle their server infrastructure.

Large business houses need to handle a plethora of business processes other than IT- be it sales, marketing, finance, production, HR and lots more, all these processes need to be synchronized to garner greater business productivity, sales and sustainability.

Therefore, it is always a better solution for enterprises to opt for server management services to handle their IT infrastructure, this gives clients the time and resources to focus on their business strategies and future plans.

Get the best players and technology in the Business
Yes, we did discuss above, about clients and businesses looking for server management services for their data and information. But, the question is how one opts for the most suitable technology and vendors in the market. The server industry is at its peak, with cut-throat competition and advanced technology offerings and services, clients and enterprises surely need to know their requirements and server hosts in the industry.

Be it Linux Server Management, or any other platform, clients need to understand their requirements and get their services accordingly. There are many parameters that need to be considered, the important ones being uptime, security, operating system, server optimization, data recovery, server management, control panels, and lots more!

Linux Servers, why?
More and more enterprises are transcending towards Linux Servers as there very stable in their performance, Linux is even more secure than any other Operating Systems as user privileges are quite stringent Linux Server Management. Linux has the capability of being scalable, compatible, flexible and lighter on hardware to improve performance.
Major companies all over the globe rely on Linux Servers, as the optimum solution for total cost of ownership (TCO), as Linux versions are priced cheaper! The installation of Linux as an operating system makes management more productive, reduces complex issues, handles workloads, real-time SLA’s, etc.

Server management will continue to move forward in the future as there has been a large influx of businesses moving towards digitization. Technology has moved up to the cloud keeping IT infrastructure up and running with fully-managed servers and support.

Power your website with WordPress Support & Security

Publishing online can be very easy with WordPress. This CMS delivers the easiest platform to create blogs and free websites. WordPress lets you create simple, beautiful and powerful websites or blogs. It lets you setup your own domain name, it is SEO friendly, has the best support with a plethora of premium plans, etc.

As there are so many sites designed on this platform, WordPress security is imperative. As various WordPress sites are hosted on thousands of servers there could be a time when these servers could cause problems and websites could experience down-time as well. Major server outages could cause a WordPress site to be down for a very long time. WordPress Server Support is another issue when it comes to WordPress sites.

A hacker can break into a WordPress website in different ways, such as security vulnerability of the hosting platform, security issues in WordPress themes, plugins and passwords. There are many webhosts available who provide WordPress Server Support, WordPress can be hosted on Free, Shared, VPS, Dedicated, & Managed Servers. To install WordPress we need to have PHP or MySQl installed on the system.

This support mostly includes 24X7 monitoring of servers, domain names, disk space, MySQL databases, email addresses, plugins, etc. WordPress runs better on a Linux/Unix server rather than a Windows Server as there are certain plugins that don’t work on the Windows server. WordPress Security can be a tedious task to handle, but there are some ways by which these vulnerabilities can be handled. These steps can make your site safer.

Webhosts and webmasters need to download updates from WordPress as they introduce new features and seal security glitches, these updates have to be implemented at all costs. The next step to a stronger and safer WordPress website is a strong password, the admin access needs to be changed.

Your websites need to be protected from Brute Force Attacks and malware.  Files to be writable by the web server can cause potential damage to the website. Locking down file permissions and providing restrictions adds to WordPress security. Always publish multiple blogs on different databases, as it acts as a containment strategy. Monitoring your ports, logs and file changes can keep your websites and blogs safe.

There are many plugins in WordPress that act as firewalls, these firewalls modify the .htaccess file, that restricts access at an Apache level. Last but not the least, choose the right web host to take care of your websites and blogs, this includes WordPress Server Support and WordPress Security.  

Joomla Website & Server Security

 Joomla- Design and Code that’s Secure!

Joomla has been one of the best content management systems(CMS) for more than a decade. The most important feature of Joomla is that it is built on an MVC( Model-View-Controller) platform. It can store databases in MYSQL, MSSQL and PostgreSQL. Joomla is a content management system that allows designers to build simple yet aesthetic web sites, blogs and other powerful online applications.  This content management system takes care of text, photos, video, music, etc.  But it boils down to a few things that we need to look at when designing and coding and hosting Joomla websites, that is Joomla Server Support & Joomla Security.

A Joomla website, blog, or application can be used to design corporate websites, intranets, e-commerce, government applications, data reporting tools, reservation systems, integrated e-commerce systems, etc. There have been many versions of Joomla since its creation, the latest version would be Joomla ! 3.4.1.  When it comes to Joomla Server Support, it can be deployed on either servers i.e. Windows or Linux. But web hosts always prefer to host Joomla on Linux servers manually or with cPanel / Webmin.

There are a few things we need to take care about Joomla Server Support, i.e. Server settings like changing the path of the temp directory, Gzip page compression, error reporting, SSL, etc. We also need to setup location settings, ftp settings, database settings, & mail settings. Let’s look at the other aspect of Joomla i.e. Joomla Security. Clients look at security, as the most important aspect post development as hackers continue to turn websites upside down.

There are a few ways Joomla websites can be protected from malwares, malicious code and hackers. Joomla brings out the latest security updates at regular intervals, it is imperative for web-hosts to use these security updates. Insecure third party extensions, when installed can cause hackers to do their thing. Thus, website owners or web hosts should use third party installations or extensions from trusted sources. Joomla Security can be strengthened by using strong usernames and passwords. Restricting file permissions makes it harder for hackers to hack or edit your files. There are many other ways to secure your Joomla website, blog or application, these were some of them.

There is no CMS that is 100% secure, yet Joomla websites, blogs, and applications are rather simple, aesthetic, powerful & secure.

We do both Joomla web development  as well as Server Management for web servers which have Joomla websites! Get in touch if you need any help or advise!!

24/7 Outsourced Hosting Support

Operate your business on a 24 X 7 basis with unmatched Outsourced Hosting Support

As businesses have gone online and digital, enterprises need web hosting companies to host their websites or mission-critical data on servers, be it virtual private servers, dedicated servers, the cloud, etc. Companies that provide outsourced support need to do more than just provide web hosting solutions. They also need to provide hosting support for other web hosting companies.

Some web hosting companies need outsourced support to handle a large magnitude of clients. Providing support for customers is very crucial for these companies, if proper support is not provided for customers, there is a chance, where these companies can lose important customers in the process. A hosting company needs to set itself apart from the rest with unmatched phone, email and online chat support.

Providing outsourced hosting support is a cost-effective solution for web hosting companies, as they do not have to invest in hiring their own support team. If these web hosting companies outsource their hosting support to a company specializing in technical support, then they do not have to worry about providing technical as well as other support work for their customers. They can focus their efforts on business strategies and getting more clients, thus generating more revenue.

Outsourced Support is one of the key business strategies for web hosting (SMB’s) to compete in a competitive web hosting industry. Hosting Support agents are online 24 X 7 for tickets and  live chat & aid in taking on the burden of attending a plethora of customers, thereby providing web hosting companies, the time to focus on other important tasks. Outsourced Support also takes care of server monitoring that monitors downtime and identify and eliminate bottlenecks for the system to run efficiently. This support can be Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 support.

Superior outsourced hosting support includes experienced  professionals, scalable support teams, process driven operations for quality and security, guaranteed response/resolution time, etc.  Some features of outsourced support are Linux/Windows Operating systems, control panel administration, Server Hardening, Backup configuration, software updates & patches, 24/7 proactive server management , monitoring, periodic security audits, Third party software installations, customized requirements, etc.
Web Hosting companies face a lot of competition thus, they need to provide great customer-service and support to build trust for their customers, and outsourced support should be handled by expert technicians so that these companies do not have to worry about providing support themselves, as well as outsourcing delivers cost-effective solutions and better customer retention.