Linux server management

Technical know-how regarding the concept of Linux server management

Initially designed for personal computers that operate on the Intelx86 architecture platforms, the term ‘Linux’ can be classified as a group of free and open-source software operating systems; with the Linux kernel being their basis of construction. The Linux operating system furnishes the performance of a typical Linux server: the latter being the former’s high-powered variant. Linux servers are responsible for efficiently managing the excruciating needs of business applications, such as web services, management of databases, optimum system administration, network framing and structuring, etc. Proper Linux server management amenities have enabled the predominant utilization of Linux servers on account of being highly stable, secure and flexible in comparison to other server operating systems.

Linux server management refers to the adequate functioning and perpetuation of Linux servers. It provides prime focus on the uptime of such servers. The entire thought process that goes behind the effective operation of a Linux server is to offer a reliable resource of interaction, with numerous other web users, networks or servers. Successful maintenance of Linux servers depends to a greater extent on the size of such servers and the purpose each of them ought to serve. This is because, with different significant utilities, each server requires a unique management plan to operate with the utmost efficiency.

The best Linux server management companies employ the best technical personnel in order to offer a wide range of server optimization services. They make it a habit of providing control panel software installation set ups that are updated by security patches from time to time. With their assistance, the migration of server accounts and data from one Linux server to another becomes possible as per a client’s appeal without having to face any sort of downtime harassment.Due to the conduct of an initial server stabilization protocol, unnecessary down times and server load problems can be avoided. 24*7 monitoring facilities in relation to any unexpected or unfortunate server issues are provided by the server maintenance team of such companies; reboot requests and email alerts are also handled with due diligence. In a digital world where hacking sensitive data and information has become a major problem to deal with, securing servers with superior software and tools along with data recovery are two prime benefits that are offered with any Linux server management plan.

24/7 HelpDesk Support for Solving your Issues Easily and Shortly

Do you know the effectiveness of 24/7 HelpDesk Support?A help desk support is one kind of resource support which intends to provide complete technical help and support to the customers or end users for solving their issues easily and efficiently. When a big firm runs its several operations, many of its employees face different types of issues which prevent them from working smoothly and efficiently. The help desk support intends to solve those operational issues from the back end. While the end user requests for solving a particular issue, the help desk immediately takes action for solving it.
HelpDesk Support

The main purpose of the HelpDesk Support:

The help desk people are fully dedicated to working day and night just to sole customer issues or end-user issues. With full information and support, the help desk people help the company’s employees to work flawlessly without any internal operational disruption. The main purpose of a HelpDesk Support is to troubleshoot different problems and then provide relevant guidance to resolve the end user’s problem completely.

The offered help desk support is very much cost-effective! So, the small companies can get it with minimal expenses. The customers need to contact the service desk by dialing toll-free numbers, raising digital tickets for different types of issues, instant messaging, or email. So, if you want you’re your workers work more efficiently without any disruption, you can utilize the offered 24/7 cost-effective HelpDesk Support.

As the help desk support system is dedicated for solving end customer’s issues, there are different categorize and prioritize issues for easing out the way of raising a ticket. This also allows the help desk to get a better sequence of technical issues to work on. So, whenever the office worker will face a serious issue, he or she can submit the issue and the HelpDesk Support team will resolve the issues as soon as possible. In this way, multiple technical issues can be fixed faster. This allows the office workers to be more efficient and productive. So, get help desk support for your company’s better functionality!

cPanel Support

The best hosting platform: Get first-class cPanel support and rich feature set altogether

Do you need stable cpanel supportfor your cPanel servers or cPanel hosts? Choose the best support provider who will give you complete help and support 24/7!

On-demand cPanel server/website support for small businesses: 

Most of the small businesses prefer having cPanel servers and cPanel hosts because cPanel offers best functionalities at the best price. Whether you need cPanel server support or website support, you will get stand on-demand support from the expert server admins 24/7. The server admins will fix any critical issue that you have efficiently. Additionally, the server admins will resolve multiple complex tasks along with maintaining all your cPanel servers. If you need emergency support, you can directly contact the cpanel support provider for help. From cPanel server/website support to cPanel server management, the server admin will look after the issues that you are facing regarding the functionality of the servers.

The effective cpanel supportfrom the professional experts will protect your business and help your business grow. It doesn’t matter whether you’re running a small business or a large business! Anyone can use private or dedicated cPanel servers in order to offer to host to the customers. The cutting costs & saving the time of the offered server support and maintenance is really impressive. Minimize the system administrator workload by hiring the best server admin at the lowest price. For small businesses, cPanel servers play a vital role in the company’s growth.

The dedicated cpanel support team is always available for you! The server admins will make sure that cPanel hosting doesn’t become a big issue for your business. As soon as you are for help & support, the back end support team will start working hard on the issues quickly and efficiently in order to resolve them shortly. Fix any type of cPanel server issue that you are facing by getting completely stable and secured cpanel support from the experts. Additionally, you can also get monitoring and preventive maintenance support for your cPanel servers. After monitoring and auditing your server’s issues, they will make sure that your servers are offering the best performance with minimal downtime!

server management services

The effectiveness of server management services for any successful business

Effective server management services play a big role in the success of any business. Having the right Sever Management and Administration is very important. Otherwise, if your server fails, the whole organization’s operations will stop. That’s why; the business owners make sure that the servers are properly managed, administered, and maintained. But, managing servers is not an easy job to do. Especially for large businesses, they need to focus on bigger things rather than focusing on maintaining and managing servers. In that scenario, the business owners can hire the professional third party who is offering cost-effective server management services to businesses of all types! Now, let’s find out the effectiveness of managing servers properly.

Why choose a third party for managing your servers?

Maintaining all your business servers will help your business to become successful as you can focus on your business goals instead of the servers. While many large businesses create a whole team of server administrators for managing servers, small businesses and startup companies find it out a costly and time taking option to choose. For small businesses, hiring a third party for server management services is the most cost-effective solution. As the third party will take care of the servers and manage them on behalf of the small businesses, they don’t have to form a team of server administrators and pay them. Instead, they will pay a minimal amount according to the number of servers they have and the server administration and management services they are opting for.

The offered server management services are completely flexible and you need to pay according to the service plan you choose. According to your business requirements and the number of servers you want to be managed, you can choose any plan and enjoy the lowest downtime all the time. Surely, your servers will be monitored day and night just to ensure proper performance. The offered server maintenance and server monitoring services are the best solution for any small business to manage the servers properly. As these facilities are very much secure, your confidential data will be safe and your servers will run efficiently.

web hosting support

Get complete web hosting support from the best service provider at the best pricing

As each and every website on the internet needs web hosting, many website owners look for affordable as well as effective web hosting support for their websites. If you are also looking for a web hosting service provider who will offer you the complete support at the best pricing, then you should try out the offered web hosting services from one of the best service providers. Indeed, this is an imperative decision which you need to make. But, hiring a reliable web hosting service provider will honestly help you in handing your website in a far better way! Though there are many service providers and options available, you need to choose the right web hosting service provider for your website.

Check out the best features that you get via hiring a reliable web hosting provider:

If your website is huge then it might need a huge disk space and broad bandwidth. Only a good web hosting provider will offer you the maximum disk space for storing all your website’s important files. According to your website’s traffic, the web hosting provider will offer your website limited bandwidth. So, each and every time a visitor visits your website, you get some basic information about the visitor. Only the reliable web hosting provider will offer you complete web hosting support for your website.

If you don’t have any scripting experience, then you might need some expert’s advice which you can surely get from a web hosting provider. Also, you can create application simply by choosing any of the available templates. Not only this, you will get effective email services from the web hosting provider. Thus, you can setup your website’s domain and have a permanent email account for your website. According to your website’s requirements, you will get web hosting support from the service provider. In addition to having your own webmail interface, you are going to get a 100% guaranteed uptime. Also, you will get 24/7 server and network monitoring services and onsite backup power supply facility. So, choose the best service provider and enjoy these features!


Remote Linux Server Administration Services

Linux is getting popular day by day and it acts as a major force in the entire computing technology. The main job of remote Linux server administration is to manage the whole operations. Many Linux servers are dedicatedly managed by the server administrator who will administer and monitor your Linux servers day and night. Thus, your Linux server will get the lowest downtime along with a perfectly effective computer system and your system will operate throughout the entire day. As most of the computing devices and mobiles are completely powered by Linux, you should hire a perfect Linux server administrator for your Linux servers.

The work of the Linux server administration service provider:

The Linux server administrator will take care of the whole functionalities of your Linux system including Linux file systems along with File system hierarchy, fully detailed Linux online manual page, Root or super user and handling different system files and directories. A thousand companies from all over the world have adopted effective Linux server administration services successfully. If you are worried about the high cost of the offered full-time server administration and monitoring services, you can check out the completely flexible Linux server packages.

To ensure the maximum uptime, you need to choose the best plan according to your server requirements. If you want that your Linux servers are proactively monitored throughout the day, you need to choose the offered Linux server administration systems which are as flexible as cost-effective. The administrator will keep a close eye on your system and immediately start solving out any anomalies regarding your server’s active operation speed. You can also have routine upgrades of the Linux server systems and thus maintain it in a far better and effective way. For big companies, the owners fail to maintain their business servers are the servers are large in the number and they have other important works to do instead of administrating or monitoring the servers.

So, increase your business’s productive rate by hiring the best server administrator for all your Linux servers. The cost will vary according to how much downtime you want and how many servers need to be managed dedicatedly or remotely.

Get Effective Linux Server Administration Services!

In computing technology, Linux acts as a major force for powering personal computers, smartphones, and supercomputers. Get effective Linux Server Administration services from a systems administrator. Your Linux server will be managed completely on behalf of you. As most of the computing devices are mainly powered by Linux, many people require effective Linux Server handling and administration services.

Linux Server Administration

Cost-effective Linux server management and administration services:

No matter how many servers you have, you can use cost-effective Linux Server Administration solutions for handling your servers efficiently. Sometimes, it’s now possible to manage the servers throughout the day as people have to do other important works as well. It becomes even more difficult is an individual owes more than one server. So, if you are facing problems for managing your Linux servers efficiently throughout the day, you can choose the cost-effective Linux server management and administration services 24/7 or throughout the entire day.

Get unlimited access to the highly professional Linux Server Administration team who in manage and administrate all your Linux servers on behalf of you. You can contact them anytime you need and thus you can keep updated on your Linux servers. The highly trained professional experts will remotely handle all of your Linux servers’ technical issues effectively so that your server keeps on giving a high performance without any barriers.

Various Linux server management and administration services:

From efficient Linux server optimization to maintaining the server security, from server monitoring to solving servers’ performance issues, you will get the complete administration and management solutions for all your Linux servers. By utilizing the highly efficient Linux Server Administration services, you will be able to concentrate on your other important works. Focus on your core business and the professional technician team will handle all your Linux servers regularly and constantly. Without enduring any headache, you will get complete relief from all your stress of managing the Linux servers! They will handle all your Linux file systems, Linux online manual pages, and all important directories professionally! Whether you have a web server or an FTP server, your Linux server will keep on performing continuously!

[Critical] Why Is Server Management Essential For Web Hosting Companies?

Get your trust factor back into Tech Support

Exceptional Server management solutions at your reach!

Businesses completely rely on their online digital assets for brand presence, revenue generation & business continuity. Enterprises turn to web hosting companies to deploy their websites & applications over legacy systems or a cloud environment & billions of users access the internet; thus it has become difficult for web hosting enterprises to handle queries from their clients regarding server deployment, configuration, optimization, migration, security & more. This increases infrastructure and expertise costs for these enterprises, and thus are in dire need of outsourced server management to handle all of the above.

What makes server management critical?

When web hosting companies start delivering infrastructure services or products to their clients, they are absolutely not sure about their traffic patterns, as these user volumes spikes can happen anytime. Huge websites that deal with financial transactions, shopping carts, career portals, etc. are flooded with users and customers on a second-to-second basis, this causes systems to overload causing sudden downtimes, security issues, data leakage or loss, & more. The worst thing that can happen to a website or application is not being online when people want it to be there. This causes users to lose credibility and loyalty, and in turn getting them disinterested in your brand, whilst moving their attention on to your competition. We don’t want that! So what do you actually do? What’s the solution? The best solution for this comes with outsourced server management, you give a peace of your work to someone else, while you focus on getting new clients or even creating better infrastructure technology for the existing ones. That’s what you do! You need to divert some part of your workload to credible enterprises who can handle your web hosting requirements, whilst you remain hassle-free and focus on business expansions.

Cutting down on costs?

With heavy traffic flowing through servers, it quite evident there would be issues with downtimes, immediate migration, security monitoring, optimization & the works! To handle this vertical spike, enterprises need to add in hardware infrastructure, as well as push in more workforce, increasing their total cost of ownership (TCO). Why do that? There are companies who are ready to take the payload on their shoulders whilst you don’t invest in anything. You just need to check their credibility, & select one of their plans that best fits your requirement for server management.

What kind of work can these companies handle?

This is the most important question of all, and should be answered with complete transparency when you go for these kind of services.


Most of the time, a server is already setup for clients and it requires management from these outsourced support vendors. But, there are situations wherein clients want to migrate their data on to another server or web host. It is at these times, server management plays a critical role for onboarding and migration.


For existing clients, ongoing support plays a vital role in terms updates, patches, query response times and general availability. Each enterprise delivers various response times with appropriate pricing. Additional system tasks are also priced on a monthly basis, with number of hours being dedicated for your system. Leverage expertise of L1, L2, or L3 chat support with fast response & resolution times & 100% cPanel certified expertise.


Servers need to be monitored on a regular basis for uptime, availability & performance. A business can only grow faster if it performs better than others. Performance monitoring keeps your systems and assets running at all times.

Server Security

Businesses host critical data over servers or the cloud, and it needs to be checked for security breaches that can cause serious damage for business owners and their clients if left unchecked. Outsourced server management delivers managed security with – data backup & restoration, anti-virus & anti-malware protection, ransomware protection, managed firewall security and network hardening.

cPanel Support

cPanel is the most popular web based control panel that delivers single click solutions on a single dashboard to carry out all the above activities for server management with no hassles at all! Support providers can leverage the flexibility to manage all the features and tools for Linux based systems.


Web hosting providers are looking at enterprises who can take their load off and provide premium server management and server security services for their clients as it provides hassle free solutions for clients & web hosting enterprises to focus on business verticals rather than infrastructure management.

Top 5 Reasons To Use 24/7 Live Chat For Customer Support

In the age of Globalisation customers are everywhere the Globe. particularly in “Web Hosting Industry” the business head quarters and subsidiaries area unit touch round the countries. Live chat is beneficial for SALES likewise as SUPPORT – live chat contains a great impact on this!

Live chat is loved by customers

Being in the WEB HOSTING SUPPORT business we have found most of the customers prefer live chat as their first help line towards support. There are various reasons for this, like when web designing organization have a meeting with their customers and have any technical issues – they immediately access the live chat for instant help. The WAIT TIME here is almost in seconds and they don’t need to wait for 15 to 30 minutes for the support team to answer the help desk tickets – all their issues are fixed within few minutes. They just love the live chat and give reviews and rating instantly during the closure of the chat.

Live chat is cost effective

Live chat cut down the expenses as well as the time as the chat representative can handle two to three chats at the same time. The phone expenses as you know are a lot and if you have a TOLL FREE number this is an additional expense for the company. Multitasking on chat definitely help to lower the time spent and at the same time keep the customer satisfied – if we compare to phone support if a phone representative is busy with a customer the other customer who need urgent help would be on hold till the time this phone support representative is busy with the existing customer.

Real time help from live chat agents

Consider you have a potential customer and need help with sign up process – his first resort for help is the live chat support team who are available on a click. Your customer get instant help from you and you get a new customer signup – which is increasing your client base!

Customer trust

Being available for chat is a trust factor for customer. Especially if you provide live chat to your customer round the clock, the customer always know that the company is always available when they need – this trust matters a lot!

Drives sales for business

There are a lot of business websites and every business need sales to happen – having live chat increases conversion in sales. Every sales representative have a sales target for which companies give them some special pricing so it could help them to capture a lead and convert a visitor to customer by offering discounts for a limited period of time or any other sales methods. Live chat helps you to achieve this and the targets for getting new customer is also fulfilled.

The company is happy that they get new signups, the back-end team is happy as most of the level 1 issues are fixed by the front live chat team!

If you’re looking to have your remote team for Live Chat Support – we can help you with it. We provide Outsourced Hosting Support , Outsourced Live Chat Support , Outsourced Server Support Services etc… try our live chat now and explore the options!

Migrate Websites from HeartInternet to VPS or Dedicated Server

There have been news around about the Host Europe Group acquisition by Godaddy and now we have seen resellers looking to migrate their HeartInternet Reseller Hosting to their own VPS & Dedicated Servers or to another providers.

We have been working on HeartInternet custom control panel from past 5+ years and know how their HostPay system works. We have done successful website migrations from other providers to HeartInternet and vice-versa.

If you’re looking for migrating your websites from HeartInternet to any other locations we can help you achieve this!

We offer FREE consultation for migrations and help you 100% to achieve this!

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